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The BBP Athletics Booster Club is a group comprised of parents along with district staff and administration that look to further the needs of our Athletics program and students in instances where the district cannot.


Our mission is to provide Bayport-Blue Point student-athletes with the highest level of opportunity to succeed.  By reaching out and supplementing each and every program with equipment, training and scholarships that are not covered by the school district budget, we look to give our athletes all of the advantages that they deserve.  Through our organizations fundraisers and volunteers, the Booster Club is a solid resource for equipment and facility upgrades that are available to all BBP Districts’ sports related programs.


We collectively hold the belief that a strong and successful athletic program reflects well on the entire student body, and the community as a whole, as it provides an outlet for all of the participants and their related support groups.  Athletic programs promote qualities such as unity, discipline, hard work, honor and sportsmanship, all of which contribute to building a stronger community.  It is these core values that compel the BBP Booster Club and all of the members in our efforts to support our student athletes.


The 2021-2022 Bayport Blue Point Booster Club Board


Karen Costa                       President

Lisa Kennedy                     Vice-President

Craig Clare                         Treasurer

Nicole Teufel                      Secretary

Kelley McCarthy                Membership                       

Thank you to all of our members!

Learn More About Us

Want to learn more about the BBP Booster Club? Join us for a meeting! 

Our schedule of meetings is as follows: The second Wed. of the month at 

7 PM in High School Staff Room 127 in Administration Building

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