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Athletic Booster Club Donations to Bayport-Blue Point School District


The Athletic Booster Club has donated roughly $200,000 in equipment to the school district since 2000.  This is the result of the hard work and dedication of our volunteers and also the generosity of our supporters that enables us to help support the student-athletes of our district. 



The Booster Club along with the Coaching Staff of the BBP School District raised $65,000 to complete the fitness center in the high school. The fitness center was completed 2 years ahead of schedule due to the generosity of those who donated to our fundraisers. A big thank you must also go out to Mr. Bob Venero who donated multiple items to the fitness center. The fitness center will be utilized by every student in the high school at some point during their gym class. It is also utilized by the sports teams to aid in their training during the sports season.


Some of the items purchased by the Booster Club:

  • Mountain Bikes and helmets for phys ed classes

  • Batting Cage

  • Pole Banners

  • Field Hockey Banners

  • Speaker System for JWY MS

  • Wall of Fame Extension

  • JWY Fitness Center

  • Cheerleading Banner

  • Hydration System

  • Cheerleading Mats

  • Wrestling Mats

  • Light rental for football white out/pink out game and Friday night playoff game

  • Breakfast for Hall of Fame Ceremony

  • New scoreboard for JWY gymnasium

  • 2 lacrosse cages

  • T-shirts for county champ athletes

  • Refreshments for athletes traveling to county games

  • New spin bicycle for Bob Venero Fitness Center

  • Batting cage for JWY baseball team




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